Metabase Crashing our MySQL DB

Hey peers.
We see an issue where when leaving Metabase on for 24 hours, our MySQL Database and the application that uses it crashes. Stops as the number of connections (2500) is maxed out. This has happened several times. We have verified that this is only caused when MetaBase is enabled. Turning Metabase off for a week we didnt see the issue come back. Turn it back on and boom same issue.

Please provide the error message in the logs. Also mention which version of Metabase you are running.

Im sorry error messages in what log?
We are running version (which didnt see to matter as we updated and still see the issue):

You’re on version v1.33.4.1

Built on 2019-10-14
Branch: enterprise-release-1.33.x

If you have the enterprise edition of Metabase, I think they have special Support which you can use.

I have been unsuccessful in reaching anyone at Metabase.

@flamber Please take a look here.

There has been several database connection fixes in, so please try that.
Please post Diagnostic Info from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Metabase only opens 15 connections per database (if you have multiple setup in Admin > Databases, then that number will raise) unless manually configured to a different amount.

Which version of MySQL? Please post the output of this query (run from Metabase SQL query):