Metabase Creating Users automatically

I’m using the Enterprise Edition of metabase, I was playing around with the demo app
And when changing the credentials of demo user provided, it created a new user in my metabase app
This isn’t the behaviour I expected

Hi @pdagar29
I don’t understand question/problem - can you explain in a different way?

In the above file
When I change the values of
const DEMO_USER = {
id: 8,
email: "",
first_name: “Aracely”,
last_name: “Jenkins”

It creates a new user in my People tab
why is it happening

Okay, now I see. Are you using the latest version, Otherwise, try that version first.
And since you’re using Enterprise Edition, you can get help via support AT

They aren't replying to my emails
My metabase version is latest

It looks like you are using a non-standard version of Metabase - or not Metabase at all - notice the You're running GMP ...
Where did you download it from?
EDIT: Perhaps you’re using whitelabel? Support is generally only available on weekdays, so you might have just hit the weekend, in which case you should get a reply today.

Yes I white labelled the app. Can’t you provide a solution or a hack for now
It’s urgent

@pdagar29 Upgrade to latest release and see if that resolves the problem.
I don’t know if the Enterprise edition behaves differently with SAML - so wait for a reply from support.