Metabase: Customize the Login page

Good morning people,

We are finalizing the implementation of Metabase in Production. Initially access would only be within the company, however, there was a need to allow access from the Internet. So we would like to put an alert message right on the login page, to inform users about the importance of keeping access secure and how sensitive is the information contained in the Metabase analyzes. Is it possible to customize this page?

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Only by recompiling.

@AndrewMBaines thanks!

Would this be a trivial activity for us? What do we need to do?
Or could Metabase do this at some cost?
Note: There could be a configuration option for this situation.

It’s not a major job though setting up the development environment is a pain if you’re not familiar with all the technologies.
Downside is that you’ll need to recompile for each new release if you want to update.
Plenty of people (myself included) would be happy to do at a cost.
Not sure about configuration option - would depend upon how much you wanted to do. I don’t think anything is currently available.

Ok @AndrewMBaines.

Let’s evaluate the possibilities.
Thank you so much huh!