Metabase dashboard taking long time to open

Hello guys!
Metabase takes a long time to load the results.Is it because i have added too many questions on the dashboard?
Just curious to know whether metabase calls database each time page is been refereshed or its has some cache memory.

Hey !

We don’t currently do any caching for calls to your data warehouse. In general, we’d recommend keeping cards on dashboards light, and either using materialized views, ETL’d tables or otherwise optimizing things you will be computing over and over again through the course of the day.

We’ve got an open issue for caching

Even if we did do this, I’d still recommend you do the above (optimize your frequently accessed cards). You have more knowledge than metabase will about how often it should be recalculated, what approximations can be made, how long to keep stale data, etc.

On the question of the dashboard, is it taking a long time for the dashboard to render or for the charts to till in?