Metabase Data Analyst

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We have data in Metabase. We need to create views, charts, funnels from all this data.
We need someone who understands how to navigate through metabase.
We don't want to use SQL as much as possible.

Apply here:

@metamargot hi. I have 5-6 years experience in metabase analytics. I am interested in this vacancy,

Hey @Huseyn , thanks for your interest!

You can apply directly via this link:

Also, feel free to post a separate thread with the description of what you can be helpful with - maybe somebody who's looking for any help with Metabase will see your post just in time.

@metamargot thank you very much for advice, I will. I restore my Upwork account, and I've already applied for the job

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Can you help me please, which category I have to choose for new topic? Job?

@Huseyn Yes, the "Jobs" category would be the right one.

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Thank you very much.