Metabase: Data Labels

Guys, good morning! In Metabase, where do I set up the display of data labels in charts?

Lourival Oliveira

You can make changes to most visualizations by clicking the :gear: icon:

I want to know how to display the values in each column of the chart. As shown in the example below.

Hi, Lourival. That’s not currently possible but is high on our list of possible chart improvements. You can add your thumbs-up vote or comments to the tracking issue on GitHub here:

Hi @maz,

Thank you for the feedback. We are waiting for the addition of this feature.

Hi maz,

was wondering when this option might possibly gets added, or is it already added, can’t seem to find it.

kind regards,

@wouter It has been given milestone 0.34, but that’s not always a guarantee it will be done by that release.

Is there a date set for this milestone :grin:

@wouter No. You can follow the milestone - click the milestone in the right sidebar of the issue.