Metabase DB Elastic Beanstalk

Hi, we’d like to use metabase with Elastic Beanstalk dans docker image, but we already got an Amazon RDS to save Metabase data and we don’t want to use RDS from EB configuration (because it create an other one RDS).
Is it something possible ?
We found this article

but we don’t know exactly where to change this in EB

docker run -d -p 3000:3000
-e “MB_DB_TYPE=postgres”
-e “MB_DB_DBNAME=metabase”
-e “MB_DB_PORT=5432”
-e “MB_DB_USER=”
-e “MB_DB_PASS=”
-e “MB_DB_HOST=my-database-host”
–name metabase metabase/metabase


If your existing RDS is PostgreSQL configured I’d imagine you could migrate the database(s) from it to the one that Elastic Beanstalk creates so it’s all one one instance.

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Thanks, but like I said

we don’t want to use RDS from EB configuration

We need to use a database not from Amazon

Is it possible ?


Ran across this old post recently trying to find a backdoor method of forcing Metabase to use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL since all my attempts of doing it per Metabase’s documentation have failed. It might provide you with some leads:
How to associate an existing RDS instance to an Elastic Beanstalk environment?
And this is something else I ran across in the AWS documentation:
Adding a Database to Your Elastic Beanstalk Environment
And do let me know if you find a way to do this kind of thing, I’m rather keen to use a MySQL versioned Metabase Elastic Beanstalk installation!

Thanks, but this article concerns only DB integrated with EBS not external DB.