and metabase.db.trace file location in Windows

I am trying to backup H2 Databases following this thread:

so it says that the file should be on the same directory of running metabase

And I have 2 PC, 1 is with Windows Platform and 1 is with Ubuntu Platform

it sure is shown in 1 directory in Ubuntu

BUT, the file doesn’t show in Windows, only the jar file (i already make sure to view the hidden files)

So, How can I find the and metabase.db.trace files on Windows? thankyouu :>

Hi @vangz
It depends on how you’re starting Metabase - it would be in reference to the CWD of the command.
You should migrate away from H2 if you’re using Metabase in production:

thanks for the reply @flamber
actually on WIndows I only do apply these:

  1. Download Metabase jar file from download page in:
  2. I placed the downloaded metabase jar on above directory
  3. Then I simply run in cmd with: java -jar "C:/Users/User/Downloads/BI Tools/Metabase/metabase.jar"

thats all what I do in Windows, and also I already make some visualization in localhost:3000, but I cant find anywhere the and metabase.db.trace…

@vangz I don’t know which directory you are in, when you run the java ... command, but that’s the CWD (current working directory) and that will be where the H2 files will be placed.
I would highly recommend not using H2 - use Postgres or MySQL/MariaDB instead:

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I see so the directory is the where cmd is runned, okay noted, find it already :>

yes this is for testing only, since the production data is still not ready