Metabase-deploy.git deploys RC version?

I run Metabase on Heroku, deployed via the Heroku quickstart in the Metabase docs.

Today I attempted to upgrade our version of Metabase from 0.28.0 to 0.28.6 (According to the update prompt in Metabase admin). Following the steps for upgrading on Heroku in the Metabase docs, I pulled the latest version of metabase-deploy.git to my local machine and force pushed to Heroku.

When I checked the deployed version, I now have 0.29.0-RC1 whereas I would have expected 0.28.6.

Did I miss something here? If I continue with the RC for now, will I be able to deploy a non-RC version of 0.29 when it is available?

I ran into the same issue (RC1 also didn’t have some memory fixes that were done in 0.28.5, so we needed it rather urgently).

What I’ve done is fork the buildpack and changed the version, so as a workaround (for now), you can change the buildpack on heroku to not be but use:

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