Metabase Deployment in Low Resource Environment


I am looking to deploy a Metabase Instance in the following environment:

Number of cores - 2
Memory - 8 GB
Server type - Windows 2012 R2 Data Center Edition


  1. Can Metabase be installed on this server?
  2. If yes, how? Docker cannot be installed on this server, what strategy can be used?
  3. Are there any other factors to consider/keep in mind while attempting this?

Thanks in advance - please let me know if more info is required on anything.

Hi @slushee
Writing how much memory the server has doesn't say anything about how much memory is available. There should be 1-2GB memory available for Metabase at minimum.
But yes, it can be installed:

Hey @flamber
1-2 GB will be available. Thanks for the link, will go through and ask any required follow-ups.