Metabase + Digital Signage?


We’re thinking of using metabase to create dashboards from our data, and also display them on a TV.
Does metabase officially support any digital signage solution (such as for example)? Does anyone have usage stories of using metabase in such a scenario?

Here at Metabase, we use Metabase to display our own data (metadata?) on a TV (it’s very meta).

Our dashboards have a fullscreen mode, as well as a dark/nighttime color scheme. Content on dashboards scale up quite nicely on large displays, though we have heard from some users that they’d like to have the option to scale the content up even more. We’re also working on a feature to share publicly accessible links to dashboards without needing a Metabase account, which would make it easier to display read-only dashboards on TVs.

What other requirements do you have for your use case?

Things that come to mind (other than the publically accessible link, which sounds helpful) :

  • Autoscrolling / Auto switching between different dashboards to display more than one screen worth of content without user interaction
  • Known compatibility with various “light” browsers (raspberry pi chromium etc)
  • A possibility for metabase instance to act as a chromecast content sender (similar to groupon’s greenscreen)
  • A tutorial about setting up a kiosk / digital signage style solution

I just had a giant digital signage TV (with an Intel compute stick) installed in our hallway where I am going to display a couple of metabase dashboards. It is going to be awesome! It runs custom software that can load specific web pages and/or other content such as images, rss feeds, video, etc. based on a schedule.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to get it to make it past the metabase login screen. The software had the option of supplying a login page, credentials as well as the id:s of the username and password input fields. The software probably tries to insert the username and password into the input fields using javascript. However, it fails since the input fields lack id:s. :confused: Looking forward to the publicly accessible link feature.