Metabase docker container on windows server 2016

I want to set up a metabase docker container on windows server 2016.
After i installed docker i found out metabase got only a linux container?

If so, i have to make an ugly workaround, with for example ?

i will spin up a linux vm. it would be nice to put it in the documentation for docker installation.

Docker for Windows should support Linux containers – does that not work for you?

thanks for your hint, i looked again and yes there is a new “better” beta way to do it:

But i guess they will make it better soon.

I guess we’re getting closer to the dream @elcolumbio – I haven’t tried to play much with Docker on Windows, but I’ve been getting more into using it on macOS and Linux. There are still plenty of platform-specific differences and pitfalls.

At least you don’t have to worry about licensing issues with a Linux VM on something like VirtualBox… it costs some time and knowledge :expressionless: