Metabase Dockerfile with Oracle

Hi, how are you?

I'm trying to build my own image from the dockerfile from 37-12 tag version.

I want to add support to oracledb to substitute h2 db.

I saw in some posts that I need to change the file spec.clj to support oracle, until this ok (I obtained success in build). But, I have a problem, in my own dockerfile I'm trying to add ojdbc8.jar to plugin folder. But, I'm not obtaining success with this. Follow my dockerfile.

FROM diegobraun/metabase-renner-new-3712:v1

ADD ojdbc8.jar /plugins

ENTRYPOINT ["/app/bin/start"]

Thanks for all

Hi @DiegoBraun

I think it's going to be more complicated than just changing a couple of lines in spec.clj.
Would recommend that you work with latest release instead, since a lot has changed with the build process.

What does "not obtaining success" means - just not working or there's errors?
Check the console during startup to see which drivers are loaded.

Make sure that the driver added to plugins is readable by the user running the Java process - by default it's UID 2000 and GID 2000.