Metabase Enterprise + Community Drivers

Is it valid to build a community driver against a community release, and then use the driver with a corresponding enterprise release? If not then what is the recommended process for this?

To build a community driver essentially requires a copy of the Metabase code repository. This is possible for the community releases, but for Enterprise there’s only release jars available (as far as I’m aware).

The Enterprise releases page indicates that most / all releases correspond to a community release. However there are occasionally PRs (like 13333) that seem to back-port changes/fixes which suggests that perhaps equivalent releases are not so equivalent. Sometimes there are Enterprise patch releases which have no community equivalent.

Basically, I would like to avoid surprise driver bugs (none so far) from incompatibility between community and enterprise. If it is possible to be buggy, then it would be helpful to know that more end-to-end tests would be appropriate, rather than relying on the (very good) existing dispatch driver tests as much.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lindsay-stevens
Yes, the driver will work in the corresponding EE version, and all the driver structure is currently not in any EE specific places, so building the driver on CE will work.
As for PR 13333, a few minutes earlier, those changes was also committed to EE, so they are both in-sync - it was added on CE to this way to ease the merging between the repos.

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