Metabase Enterprise - SAML RelayState doesn't redirect

Hello !

Happy to join the Metabase community!

Working on a POC with Metabase Enterprise… setting up Keycloak + Metabase via SAML… it works great authenticating from main Metabase page “Signin” …

But, when IdP Keycloak initiate the authentication… the RelayState doesn’t work. It always redirect to Metabase home page instead of the provided URL in RelayState.


Is this support it ?

Please let me know if need more details.

Thank you! Really critical for our integrations.


Hi @omar
Please use the support email, when using Enterprise Edition.
Your RelayState doesn’t look correct. Or perhaps you’ve redacted too much.

Thank you for the quick response !

What is incorrect on the URL? Is there a specific order or name of params ?

We are still under a trial to prove that this is going to work for us. So, I will reach out support as well.

Thank you again !

@omar Are you using hostname as domains? You’re trying to relay to https://metabase/question/1

I see :slight_smile:

It was just a sample … we are redirecting to an internal domain.

Thank you for calling that out !


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