Metabase error Mysql special characters

after version 32.1 an error occurs with special features in the database mysql that are replaced by � 'interrogation' in version 31.2 does not occur this problem.
My language is Portuguese.

Hi @kaian
Can you try the latest version - 0.32.5? I don’t think it’s going to make a difference, but other things has been fixed.
Which version of MySQL are you using as datasource?
It’s most likely an issue with charsets - what do you get when running the following query from Metabase native question:

show variables like 'character%'


Good morning @flamber
in version 32.5 did not work, the version that works is in 31.2.

Server Type: Percona Server
Server version: 5.1.71-rel14.9-log - (Percona Server (GPL), 14.9)
Protocol version: 10
Server character set: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

Since Percona is a modified version of MySQL, then I would guess the versions align.
Metabase 0.32 changed driver to MariaDB Connector/J, which is only compatible with MySQL 5.5+.
You should modify all the latin1 if your data is actually using utf8.