Metabase expert needed for freelance work

Hi there!

We’re a B2B SaaS startup and our clients use our software to help them with their sales activities. Specifically, they use our web app to create/store client data (like a CRM), prepare/send quotes and process their orders.

Our app today provides our clients with a basic dashboard that contains some rudimentary charts and visualisations of their data. While this has been ok in the past we are now working on beefing up this functionality.

We recently implemented Metabase as a tool for us to explore our own data. We’re now evaluating it as platform that we can use to build and embed charts and dashboards in our web app for our clients.

I’m looking for someone that’s experienced with the Metabase platform to help us with this because our developers are currently engaged in other projects.

Do you have experience creating and embedding client-facing (as opposed to internal) Metabase charts and dashboards in SaaS applications, and are you open to doing some consulting work?

If so then let’s talk.

As a starting point we’d like to have a conversation with you to get your thoughts on the suitability of Metabase as a solution for us. If that goes well (and assuming that Metabase is indeed suitable) we would then like to discuss engaging you on a remote project basis to help us with the actual work that we need to do.

Speak soon!


If you are still looking. Please let me know.