Metabase filter issue

Hi Team,

I have few question related to filter Please help me on this.
Team, I’m using metabase in our application for reports. I found one bug which is related to filer.I’m also adding snippet/screenshot for your reference. Please have a look

Steps to reproduce a bug.

  1. User Should be able to login using valid credentials.
  2. User Should Land on home page/ landing page.
  3. Select any dashboard in which filter is implemented.
  4. Select the any filter from dashboard.
  5. Select any value from filter.
  6. Un-select the same value from dropdown or do not clicked on cross button.
  7. Respective filter is showing blank (Filter box with no inner text).

I would request to you if you have possible solution for this Please provide or suggest me better solution. Team Please take this on priority and revert on this asap.

Thanks & Regards
Jitesh kumar