Metabase frontend white blank page on local host, cloned directly from repo

I followed the instructions here: Building Metabase
to run metabase on http://localhost:3000 .
Both clojure -M:run and yarn build-hot
executed. I can see the little metabase icon on the tab. But the fronted is completely blank.
The version was directly cloned today, no changes was made to it.
Someone had similar issue before, they said they solved it, but didn't give details on how: Frontend for metabase not working

Hey msdg

In the terminal where you ran clojure -M:run was there an INFO entry of “Metabase initialization complete” indicating a successful completion?
Within that same terminal, do you see any indicators of activity such as API calls to the user or dashboard endpoints?

Does this happen regardless of browser, mode, and extensions applied?
Are you seeing any errors or warnings within the Console or Network tab with the browser’s developer tools?
Are you able to generate a HAR file as you’re attempting to log in as that may give us a clue on what may be happening?