Metabase Http driver

I have been trying out the sample http driver on i wanted to know if anyone has tried it and how can i add fields after creating tables. Thanks looking forward to any help.

Hi @makwasi
Looks like it’s a copy of this repo, which is the original - there are several other more updated forks in this repo:
Have a look how it works here:
It’s one of the most requested drivers:

Hello @flamber thanks for the quick response. I got an updated repo that’s works pretty fine and am trying to add my own stuff. But am failing to add fields to the tables that i created via the table definition basing on the READ ME. I wanted some help with that or someone to try it out and give me some feedback. Thanks

@makwasi Haven’t tried, but perhaps there is more information in some of the other forks, otherwise you will likely have to wait for an answer from the developer:

Ok thanks.