Metabase icon library in default - list of all available icons

Currently, I am customizing metabase open source as client 's needs.
Now, I needs some icons in newly developed components.

I want to see all available icons that metabase frontend provides in default.
I can't find fontawesome or any similar libraries ' dependency in package.json.


  • What is the metabase 's default icon library ?
  • Are there any page that list all available icons in metabase ?

Looking forward to your kind consideration.

Best regards.

Hi @danchen327
Metabase has it's own icon library.
You can use yarn storybook or go to the address https://localhost:3000/_internal on development instance.

Awesome. Thank you.

Dear @flamber.

There are several clojure web framework including Luminus.
I also want to know which backend web framework Metabase use.


@danchen327 I don't understand what your question is, Metabase doesn't really use any frameworks. You can see all the source code of Metabase, so you can see exactly which dependencies are included.

Thank you.