Metabase in docker on EC2. How to set up SSL/HTTPS?

Hi all, I have Metabase running on an EC2 instance. It is running on docker and I would like to make it publicly accessible over HTTPS. I have a CNAME record already and a * SSL certificate. How do I do this? I wasn’t able to find a guide for this.

The user guide at didn’t help me in the exact steps I should be taking.


If you have Apache server you could just reverse proxy to the metabase docker image and enable https between www and the apache server on your EC2 instance.

As the communication between docker image and your server is on the EC2 instance itself does it really matter if it is left as is?

It isn’t a rhetorical question - I genuinely do not know the security implications but have managed to achieve https in the way I have just explained.

In case you are interested to see step by step what I did I have it on my blog here -