Metabase index

Hi people,

Just wondering can we apply or create index on within metabase table and not to origin table? Is that possible?

If possible please guide me


Hi @eric.halim
I don’t think I understand. Could you explain in more details?
Metabase sends queries to your database, so what you’re asking for doesn’t exist (isn’t possible).

thanks @flamber i was thinking is there a way like mirroring the table structure into metabase then we can do more indexes on metabase not on origin schema

but from your reply i guess its not possible for now, metabase just pass the query into my database

can you explain a bit about metabase scheduling for “sync” to origin table?


@eric.halim That’s not the goal of Metabase, so something like that will likely never be implemented, but it’s possible for you to sync you database to some warehouse and change the schema and indexes, and then connect Metabase to that warehouse instead.

Some people have hundreds of gigabytes of data, so duplicating the data would seem very inefficient.

The closest thing that has been considered is something like views, but that’s a very difficult thing to implement: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Sync looks at the database schema, so Metabase can show “tables” and “columns” in the GUI without constantly having to lookup that information every time you click around in the the GUI.

I see thanks a lot @flamber