Metabase issues repeated count(*) operations, slowing our DB

We have metabase attached to our Redshift cluster. Periodically in metabase, we will see:

-- Metabase SELECT count(*) AS "count" FROM "public"."v_events_stream"

That is actually a view that is itself very slow to query (that one takes ~5min to run).

I haven’t ever written anything like that and I am assuming that because the query is prefaced with --Metabase it means it is automatically being run by Metabase code itself.

Is that the case and is there any way to stop it?


Sounds like you are experiencing Database Sync and Analysis.

As the fine admin guide explains by default runs periodically and you can switch it to a only run on manual trigger from an admin.

That was what I needed, thank you so much! :tada:

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