Metabase map of the world

I want to know the map of the world in metabase, does it include the city of china?

Hi @lily
Are you looking for a world map or just a map of cities in China?
Just search the internet for what you’re looking for - like “geojson china city” - and input the URL for the GeoJSON file in Admin > Settings > Maps > Add a map.
Example this repo has cities in China:

Yes, I want the map , just cities of china.
Can you tell me the detail steps to add the china map in metabase?
What is to written in the "The URL of GeoJSON "?
Thank you for telling me.

Search the internet for a map of cities in China - it has to be in the format GeoJSON.
And then you just input the URL to the file in Metabase.
I cannot find anything of quality, when searching English western search engines, so you’ll probably have better luck with searching Chinese sites.

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Thank you for telling me, I will have a try.
Thank you very much.

I have found the geojson file of china map ,
the site is :

but when I refresh the map , it didn’t show the map, what’s wrong with me?

I’m not sure why it doesn’t like that file, but try using or to cleanup the file and save as GeoJSON again.
It looks like the file is just taken from