Metabase models uses datetime_trunc function while using bigquery native query models but uses timestamp_trunc while using models made by Notebook editor of metabase for a timestamp column

When I make a model using a bigquery table using native query editor on Metabase. For Example: The table name is ABC with two columns - Timestamp (of datatype Timestamp) and Customer_Name (of datatype String). In this case, the query used to build a model was:
select * from ABC
and then use this model in a native query editor to count the rows of the model grouped by the month of the timestamp. In this case, if I view the query of this, using "View the SQL" , I get datetime_trunc(Timestamp, month).

However, if I build the model using the Notebook Editor of the Metabase, and use the same process as above to get the count grouped by month and view the query of this, using "View the SQL", I get timestamp_trunc(Timestamp, month).

This difference is causing problems while applying filters later on in the model. Please. help !!!

Troubleshooting info?