Metabase MongoDB Connection Doesn't Obey Connection Options

Hi there,

We connected our free, Community-version to the Analytics node of our MongoDB. We've been running this smoothly for about a year. A few weeks ago we started getting a spike in traffic, which led to performance issues and so we did an audit of all queries to our DB. We noticed that Metabase was connecting to the Production DB even though we specified these connection options: retryWrites=true&w=majority&readPreference=secondary&readPreferenceTags=nodeType:ANALYTICS

However, we still see Metabase connecting to Production in MongoDB logs, in fact it is connecting to both the Production & Analytics shards. Want to check if this is a bug on Metabase's end? Why are connection options not obeyed in the DB connection? We tried the connection string option and providing details separately - we saw Metabase in Mongo's logs in both cases, connecting to Production.

Thanks for your time.

Hi there! You might be hitting Please up vote the issue on the description