Metabase not loading after the login

Hello, our URL is not loading after we do the login, as can be seen, in the image below, seems an interface error with some UI component

Error: DragDropContextProvider backend and context props must not change.
t t.componentWillReceiveProps (vendor.bundle.js?956f6f14e27e2eb57269:1:4288430) 

Checking on seems all green and no errors are reported.

Our current version is 1.45.1 and is hosted in aptible, but we have not changed things in our infra recently, which makes me think that could be an interface error on the Metabase application.

Any help or information to support here?

Thanks ahead!

Mindful Care Dev Team.

Hi, that instance is not handled by Metabase Cloud, so in you won't be able to find any help. Please write to us at help at metabase dot com so we can try to help with the team. Did you change something on your CDN recently? Metabase won't work with CDN's so you should disable it (I see you're using Cloudflare's CDN)

Hey, @Luiggi I will send you an email, thanks!

Hey @Luiggi it has been two days since I send the email, our metabase is down and we have no reply back.

we're on it, sorry for the delay

I faced the exact same issue in our on-premise version and we don't have clue how to fix it. @Luiggi

disable the CDN

Thank you it works.

However we are waiting for the patch.

There's no patch for this and I think there will never be, as Cloudflare injects javascript when you use it, and we can't tweak Metabase to support every single CDN in the planet

Got it. Probably Cloudflare should care about this. Thanks for your support.