Metabase not remembering settings


  1. Metabase keeps forgetting (and then remembering) the settings input in the Admin Panel.


  1. I configured email, and also sent out a test message - everything worked fine. But:
    a) When I try to setup a pulse, Metabase says that I need to configure email.
    b) When I go to the home screen, Metabase says I need to configure email under ‘Setup Tip’
    c) When I go to Email Setup in the Admin Panel, Metabase does not display any of the setting I input.

  2. If I refresh the page, the email issues in A-C disappear. Refresh the page a couple more times and they are back again.

  3. I know that the email settings exist because I can see them in the ‘setting’ table.

  4. This issue happens elsewhere in Metabase as well:
    a) Setting up Slack
    b) Customizing metadata
    c) Configuring the Data Reference page


  1. Using HTTPS
  2. DB is MySQL RDS
  3. Installed using Metabase Docker image
  4. Load balanced across two EC2 instances with different subnets

Hi @chriscarlson,

Unfortunately Metabase isn’t really designed to work with multiple instances at this point in time. Settings are cached in-memory so setting them will only affect one of your servers until they’re both restarted, at which point they’ll both fetch have the latest values from the application DB.

Lots of people are using Metabase in production with only a single instance without problems. We have an open GitHub issue here to support multiple instances: Until then, you’ll have to use a single instance; keep in mind you can use larger instance sizes if you need better performance rather than scaling horizontally

Thanks @camsaul