Metabase not starting after upgrade

Hey, I wanted to upgrade metabase and replaced the metabase.jar file with a new one. But now, metabase is not running. Can you pls help, it's really urgent.

I created the backup of file..

Hi @nidhi
Without knowing which version you are coming from, and the version you're upgrading to, and the startup logs, then it's impossible to help.
And you should migrate away from H2 if you are using Metabase in production:

Hey @flamber I had version 0.40 and was trying to upgrade to version 0.43.

I replaced the previous jar file with the latest jar file, is that a problem?

Hi I am able to start metabase on port 3000 but it is again asking for there any method by which I can recover my dashboards and questions?

@nidhi I have absolutely no idea which setup you were currently running, but it sounds like you were using a different application database.
Revert to your backup, and ask the people who setup your Metabase instance for help on upgrading it.

@flamber can I restore my data from the backup I created for

@nidhi If you don't specify an application database, then Metabase will use (not

Hey @flamber, sorry for disturbing you, but do you think you can come on a gmeet with me?

@nidhi No. If you do not have the ability to host Metabase, then you should use Metabase Cloud:

Thankyou @flamber