Metabase On AWS Cloud Instance

Good Morning,

I just successfully installed Metabase on my cloud Instance which was easy. but the issue is that the address that was given was localhost:3000.

i want to access my metabase on my Cloud Instance which i cant use the above address to access.
i have an Instance in the cloud like which i was trying to access metabase using port 3000 i.e which was not working.

Any suggestion please?

Depend a lot on what/where that is I guess … please provide more details on your environment! edit: including how you have deployed Metabase (Docker, jar … or ?)

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My environment is Ubuntu, this is hosted on AWS.

I have just gotten the access by using the Ip Address with the port no like 35.123.548.25:3000 which works very fine but the issue i am battling with now is the Connection. I am trying to connect to the Database with the right credentials and i am getting “java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user ‘admin’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)”

I think maybe i am entering the wrong credentials

Any help

So you’re on a Ubuntu machine on EC2 - and you spun up which database locally on that same machine?

I’m asking simply because it’s really hard to help if I don’t understand the environment.

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Trying to connect to MySQL

And you’ve already verified by some other means (e.g the mysql command line tool) that you can connect to it from the same machine as Metabase is on, using the same hostname and port as you specify in Metabase?

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Thank You @jornh it was a case sensitivity issue. I am connected now.

Thank You Once again


@Kolotayo if you want to pay it a little bit back - please edit some of your posts above to include more information - so the topic becomes more useful for others - e.g. what/where was the mistaek :wink: - what part helped you spot it etc. etc.

edit: Oh, and I think I adjusted your original title of this topic: Metabase On Cloud Instance to include the word AWS a bit too early. Where the problem ended up being was more regarding database connectivity troubleshooting. I think you can adjust it as you see fit?


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The simplest way of running metabase in a EC2 instance is following their own docs on how to run the application from the .jar file. Metabase has an awesome documentation so I recommend you take a look at it.

In simple steps you need to :

Install Java 7
Download Metabase .jar file
Run .jar file java -jar metabase.jar
The application will be running on port 3000 (http://:3000). Remember to open inbound rules on the EC2 security group. Important to say this setup is recommended only for testing. If you want to have an instance in production you should worry about other things such as pointing the application database to a more robust database like PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Link to official docs:

or read:

@ananyagupta You should not use Java 7 - it’s end-of-life - use Java 11 or 8, which are current supported versions for Metabase.