Metabase on Elastic Beanstalk - https


I used the Elastic Beanstalk launch URL to install Metabase on AWS. I am not using a load balancer.

I am now trying to understand how to run metabase over https. I have a secure certificate loaded up with AWS certificate Manager. Can I use this?

I can see instructions on how to setup https with a load balancer, but not directly to the EC2 instance.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?



@David: Did you find any solution? I am also looking similar solution.

Not really. In the end I setup a new install but used a load balancer. From there is was pretty easy to setup https to the load balancer.

Did anyone figure out how to make this work without the load balancer?

@paulschreiber Are you trying to setup SSL on Jetty (the internal webserver of Metabase)?