Metabase on elastic beanstalk with 'severe' health status

I am trying to give this a try on aws and when I try to follow the steps here(, our instance ends in 'severe' status after installation.

'Environment health has transitioned from Pending to Severe. ELB processes are not healthy on all instances. None of the instances are sending data.'

I tried increasing instance types to large and with different processor types. None of them helped.

Hi @kituvenkat
It sounds like you either haven't defined the health endpoints or they are incorrect.
Have a look here: Elastic Beanstalk health requests with HTTPS
And check your EB logs - right now you are working from some health check failure without fully knowing what is going on.

Thanks for your response. I followed the instructions on the link and using HTTP for protocol and /api/health for the path. Basically I did deviate or miss any steps from that link. I get 502 error on launching the url and health status remains 'severe'. Also I don't see any logs under my environment.

@kituvenkat 502 = "Bad Gateway", which means that your load-balancer cannot find the server it's trying to proxy.
I don't know EB - besides I cannot recommend it for anything serious, since it's doing too much "magic" and makes it incredible difficult to find logs. I would recommend just using ECS.

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