Metabase pages not loading


I'm running into a weird problem. We have the latest version of Metabase running on Kubernetes and a instance of v.0.38.1 on Docker on a VM Instance. I can see traffic reaching the Container and the Instance by calling /api/database directly. Since i'm still logged in for the VM instance on v.0.38.1 i get an api response and on the kubernetes deployment i get a 401 Unauthenticated as expected.

Still when i'm trying to load the page some JS stuff fails. When i'm port forwarding to my Kubernetes Pod the page is able to load properly by calling http://localhost:3000.

Has anyone experienced issues when running metabase in combination with Cloudflare and Google IAP or knows what settings i might have to check?

I'm pretty confused since it all worked before i went on holidays last Calendar Week and since i'm back it's not working anymore.

JS errors:

Thanks for your time and help!

Hi @sebanzer
Someone might have changed some settings on Cloudflare.
Latest release is 0.40.2