Metabase Permissions Set-up

We have set up a database on Metabase for an organisation, it hosts the data as well as the dashboards that are made using the uploaded data.

The dashboards exist in the "Collections" pane. I figured out that there are two permission settings: the Database Permissions(Unrestricted, Granular, No Self-Service) and the Collections Permissions(Curate, View, Block) where I select the respective boats and canoes and give them access to the Dashboard Collection. Since these settings do not behave in a linear fashion, I have made a table for the possible permutations and combinations. In that table, I have mentioned an ideal case scenario. That is the output I want to achieve using the permissions.

Can somebody please help me with that?

Hi @jainish
So you just need to add the dashboards and questions, which you have created, into a collection, where the user group (or All Users) only has view-access to and give data unrestricted-access, then the users cannot edit those dashboards/questions, but are allowed to create new questions.
I would highly recommend that you read and