Metabase plugin and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

We are using AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy our apps.
We have a Metabase deploy at AWS-EB with defaults parameters (

Now we need to use a Metabase plugin (Athena driver -

To try install this plugins, I try this steps:
1 - download
2 - unzip
3 - download athena.metabase-driver.jar and save at .ebextensions/metabase_plugins/athena.metabase-driver.jar
4 - modify script .ebextensions/metabase_config/ to move athena.metabase-driver.jar to /plugins
mv .ebextensions/metabase_plugins/athena.metabase-driver.jar /plugins/athena.metabase-driver.jar
5 - make zip

With this steps, the file athena.metabase-driver.jar is at /plugins/athena.metabase-driver.jar , but the metabase don't see this plugins.
To metabase see this plugin, I need to "reboot" metabase. But this AWS-EB is created every day once a day and is not possibly to reboot it.

Is there any other way to install metabase plugins with AWS-EB?

Hi @leoserramonetizze
I would recommend something different than EB if you need more control.
Try having a look in these two topics:
Metabase - ElasticBeanStalk - Athena
Installing plugins (Oracle driver) on an AWS EB instance
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