Metabase PostgreSQL user

I want to use PostgreSQL as main database for Metabase.
But I can’t find the user options required ?
Metabase need a user with all rights ?

Best regards

Hi @nico8
Generally it’s expected that Metabase has full permissions to it’s own database.
Metabase would need to be able to read and write, of course, but if you also want Metabase to automatically make changes, when upgrading, then you need to allow the user to create/change/delete tables too.
If you setup too strict a user, then you’ll see warnings/errors in the log.

Ok thanks !
It is possible to have encrypted password ?
If I use MB_DB_PASS env variable, the password is clear in a .bat file

@nico8 You need to define the password - Postgres need an un-encrypted password.
When using Unix-based systems, then you would run things as a service and the configuration files (containing password) with the correct chmod, I don’t know how you can do that on Windows.