Metabase PostgreSQL Windows

Hi all,

This week i was looking for some software to make some nice reports/dashboard based on a database on PostgreSQL. At this moment we are using Crystal Reports for this, but this program is so outdated.

The free version of metabase is much more then we exactly need, but we would need to be able to install this on a postgresql database and on windows. (this is also to install at our customers)

But i can’t find any good guid on how to do this. They all assume that you are on Linux, which is not the case… Can anyone help me out here on how to proceed with this? (fyi: i’m not that familiar with all the ‘terminal’s and docker systems’.

First i thought to stay with the H2 database, but i’ve read that it can be a pain in the ass, when something breaks.

Thanks a lot already!

Hi @cobalt
There isn’t any official guides for Windows. There are some topics in the forum, like Run Metabase as a windows service!.
But basically you just start Metabase with this (change the connection details):

java -DMB_DB_CONNECTION_URI="postgres://dbuser:dbpassword@localhost:port/mydb" -jar metabase.jar

For reference:

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