Metabase Production on Kubernetes

Good Morning,

I am developing a kubernetes-based system in which I have a postgres database and a metabase deployment amongst other things. My question is related to Metabase advice on starting it up with a production database. Once I set up the environment variables detailed on docs (MB_DB_TYPE,MB_DB_DBNAME,MB_DB_PORT,MB_DB_HOST,MB_DB_USER,MB_DB_PASS,MB_DB_CONNECTION_URI) and make sure that they're correct, database starts without any problem and indeed, I can establish a connection from within the pod if I do it from a shell. However, Metabase still starts with the default H2 database and I must go and configure the database manually in setting despite giving its variables on the startup.

Is this the normal procedure, that I have to go and indicate it manually (having the vars indicated or not) or giving the variables it should startup directly with a postgres database?