Metabase Production Support

So I want to deploy the Metabase jar file on a Linux server. My primary use with the metabase application would be to monitor few charts and I will not be having more than 50 questions. All these questions are embedded into an html page using iframe. I will be having only 1 user who will be generating these questions and once deployed, I would hardly require to use the metabase application as I will be only looking at embeddings in HTML pages. Considering this requirement, do I still need to migrate to MySQL or PostGRE or can I work with H2?

Hi @kjkrupal
Yes, migrate away from H2 in production!
Check the comments here:

Hi @flamber, My requirements are not that high. As there will be only one user. I have generated 20 questions and I will be only looking at those questions through iframes. I will not be generating any new questions in future. In this case, do I still need to migrate?

Yes. I cannot recommend in any way using H2 in production.

If you read the comments on the issue, then you can see that the H2 will grow a lot, simply just by showing Public Shared/Embedded dashboards/questions.

You say that your requirements are not high, but you don’t specify how many visitors there might be. You might only have 1 user and 20 questions, but if you have 10,000 visitors per day, then I’m sure you’ll quickly have a very large H2 file.

Hi @flamber, there will be only 10 to 15 visits per day. At most 25.

@kjkrupal Just like many other things in life; it’s a recommendation. You can do what you want with your own setup, but now you know what will happen.