Metabase Public on 3000

Hi All,

I’ve searched the forums for 3000, public, and a fee others but haven’t found my answer. I’ve also been reading the user/admin docs.

Is it safe to run Metabase publicly accessible on port 3000 or is that more a dev/local setup? I’ve setup Apache2 and NGINX before but have not messed with Tomcat so would prefer to use MB’s internal web server rather than supporting yet more architecture.

In other words, I know Node.js & PHP have an internal web server but I know those are not meant for production.


Hi @lakebed_Io
You should not run development publicly (lein run), but I’m sure you’re asking about the regular releases (Docker or JAR).
You can use the internal webserver (Jetty) in Metabase publicly. It might just be easier to handle SSL and some other things with a reverse proxy like Nginx. But Jetty is a real webserver, with a bunch of functionality, not like the internal one in PHP.

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Awesome, thanks!

Yes, sorry I should have clarified that I was referring to using the JAR.