Metabase Pulse timestamp in attached filename


Anybody know if it is possible to place a timestamp in the filename of the attached files of pulses?


I don’t think you can without recompiling the Metabase code.

edit: BTW @francp I’m curious what the use case triggering this need is. I mean … are the pulses distributed by emails, - which has a timestamp in it self, then detached and saved somewhere else, for what reasons?

It sort of sounds like a use where you’re not getting full potential from Metabase … In a more ideal scenario - people should be able to e.g. go back in history inside Metabase - but of course the world isn’t always that way …

Thanks @jornh - I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case :slightly_smiling_face:

The use case is for a daily management report via email. The attachment will be detached and filed. For example the manager may be away for two weeks and on return open multiple attachments - all have the same name so making them unique would be ideal. I get the timestamp is in the email but in real world terms the manager must save each file with a timestamp themselves. It would be nice to be able to automate this and add it to the filename (with a %t or similar) by default.

did you resolve this problem? I have the same case in my company :wink: