Metabase queries in Atom

For those working with large SQL queries, I did an experiment adding Metabase to Atom’s data-atom package. This enables one to write queries in the Atom editor, and run them with Metabase.

One could, of course, share connection details of the underlying database(s), but this allows people to have their own Metabase login, and connection details can be updated centrally in Metabase.

Code in this pull request. Let’s see if it gets merged.
Curious to know if others would be interested in this.

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Neat! Were you finding the SQL editor within Metabase to be lacking? (Incidentally, you can resize it now by dragging on the bottom edge of the editor.)

It’s quite good (though the function auto-completion is a bit too much for some users), but a) with huge queries full-screen editing is useful, and b) some users have file swith sql queries which is easier in Atom.
Resizing the textarea in Metabase is very useful, used it right away when it appeared.