Metabase reorders columns without my consent 🤔

I'm running 0.41.2 and, as a general observation, Metabase is finicky about maintaining my customized column orders in questions. By this, I mean after I have made a question, saved it, then manually reorder columns by dragging (either left-right in the main table, or up-down in the Settings sidebar). With simpler questions, after I "save" it is more likely to maintain the desired column order. But I have many questions that pull in the results of other questions or SQL queries, with multiple joins.

I can't share any of the specific questions or sample data... but are there any general recommendations for how to get custom column orders to "stick"? (I'm guessing the "best" way is to write my own SQL... not always an option.) Or explanations as to why sometimes Metabase will kick out (reject) and not save a custom order? Without any error messages provided, I am left to guess.


Hi @smurray
I'm 99% sure that you're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks, @flamber! That issue seems to be pertaining to the default column order (as set on the admin side). I was referring to column order, as appears in an individual Question's results (table view). Is that related?

For example, I frequently have a question joining multiple tables, where I want to drag around the columns (in the results/table view) to appear in a custom order. Sometimes the custom order is maintained, often not.

@smurray Please, screenshots - or steps to reproduce - using Sample Dataset
It's been a very busy, long day - I didn't read anything you wrote :wink:

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