Metabase Server Terminated Unexpetedly error


I was running a query when my metabase MAC application closed unexpectedly.

I’ve tried to restart it multiple times but it keeps showing this error below:

Is this from Metabase or from my DB?

Hi @tems
That is from Metabase, but it seems like there’s a problem with the application database (H2).
Either it’s in-use by another process or it has been corrupted.

Thank you @flamber should I be expecting the migration to create a new DB on its own?

I keep getting an “Unknow database” error for the database name I create in my environment variable.


The Mac App is meant as a simple, single-user system, so I don’t think you can use environment variables on it.

It would probably be easier to use Timemachine to go back to the last time Metabase was working correctly.
What commands are you trying to run?

Do you have already setup Metabase or is this a new setup? If new setup, then you can delete the files from your profile, and then Metabase will create an empty new setup, when it’s started again:

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Thank you! @flamber I removed my Mac installation and used the metabase.jar installation instead. Fixed and also created my DB with SQL.

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