Metabase Service

Is there a paid version of some sort of premium version of metabase (not the open source) that small companies can adopt, that also help the companies with support on pressing issues as they scale and roll out the metabase software to large number of users.

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I am already using the open source version of metabase but now I need some support to scale it and resolve some pressing issues that I am facing. For other tools I use like Acuity Scheduling for which I pay the support is free and very helpful.

Hi, @neerupama. The closest thing we offer to what you’re describing is our Paid Support service. You can find details about that here:

Yes I get this. However for a small startup with only 10 people to pay upfront 1750 for support does not seem to make sense and is not feasible.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re continuing to evaluate the support services we offer, and we’ll take this into consideration.

One thing that would be helpful to know is more detail around specifically the kinds of scaling and rollout issues you would want help with.