Metabase setup on kubernetes

I have setup metabase on Google Kubernetes Engine and I can access it via a DNS endpoint as well as kubectl port-forward. I have created a username and password from the DNS endpoint but the setup fails after saying "Token does not match the setup token."

I'm trying to use the embedded H2 database as this is just an evaluation instance of metabase.

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong with this setup?

Hi @metasam
So you are trying to setup Metabase via the API instead of doing it manually via the GUI?
You'll have to get the setup token and include that, when creating the first user - see this topic: /api/setup explanation please
I would very much recommend not using H2 - especially on k8s.

No, I'm doing it via the GUI from the landing page.

What do you recommend instead? Do you have some pointers on how to plug in PostgreSQL along with Metabase on k8s?

@metasam Sounds like you are running more that 1 instance. Scale it down to 1 instance if you just want to test with H2, which should absolutely not be used in production.
You should find a guide on how to setup Postgres on k8s - but that's unrelated to Metabase.

Thanks, I'm just evaluating so scaling it down to a single Pod did the trick.

I'll follow this guide to setup PostgreSQL for my k8s deployment: