Metabase share link is localhost:3000


We had a contractor install metabase for our business, and as of two weeks ago, any URL that Metabase provides shows "localhost:3000" as the link instead of the url we've associated our EC2 instance with. There has been no change in this installation, aside from we restarted the EC2 instance and restarted nginx.

For reference, if i try to share a public dashboard or question, the URL we get looks like this: http://localhost:3000/public/dashboard/...... when it should look like

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What do you have in settings->admin->General->Site URL? also which version are you running?

localhost:3000, but if i try to change it then all the links break in the dashboard

so you'll have to change the links in the dashboard/s... the configuration of Site URL has enormous implications inside Metabase, so make sure it's the hostname of the server you're running Metabase in

Can you expand on what changing the links in the dashboard means?

All links that are generated in metabase use localhost:3000, so if we invite new users, the automated sign up email they get has a broken link, so this is really hindering our ability to onboard new customers.

I thought that you had hardcoded links in the dashboards like text cards or even tables with hardcoded links.
Can you send which links are going to be broken if you change the site url? all links depend on the site url should be changed when you change that setting