Metabase Sign in Using Metabase error (VPN related)

I am facing issues enabling google sign in in Metabase . Whenever I click on sign-in with google after enabling it. I get a white screen in the sign in window. I am using openvpn where my metabase instance is hosted. What should I be adding in URI fields of google cloud credentials to make it work. Also there is a CORS (cross header origin) error that I can see in the console.

Hi @milind
Make sure that your Site URL in Admin > Settings > General is correctly defined, and also the URL you into in Authorized Javascript Origin:

Yes, I have completed all the steps. But still I see a white screen when I Sign In with google and a CORS header error gets displayed in the console.

@milind Okay, without seeing the Site URL, CORS error and Authorized Origins, then I cannot tell you what the problem is, but it's working for hundreds of instances I know are using Google Sign-in.

Okay. Our metabase is hosted on a VPN (10.X.X.X:3000). Can you suggest what URI should I be adding to google authentication . Thanks for the help

@milind There's no reason to hide local IP addresses -

You'll need to create a domain for your IP - example - see more on