Metabase Slack Subscriptions not showing images

I just recently started using Metabae and want to set up a Dashboard Subscription to Slack.

When I do this, the images are not appearing, i just recieve links to the original questions. This is exactly te same error described on this thread from August 2021, but from what I got reading it, the problem was solved by slack itself. Unfortunately, I still have this issue.

I have the channel #metabase_files as i should. There, questions that result in tables generate the correct table (but this file doesn't appear on the notification) while graphics generate an image with the phrase "An error ocurred while displaying this card" written in red.

I tried searching for other people with the same issue but all of them date from August, when this problem was theoretically resolved.

I tried deleting the bot and changing the Token, but it gave no results.
I just updated to version 0.41.1, which is the latest.

Thank you.

Hi @lucascorniani
You need to create a channel called metabase_files - not metabase-files
For reference:
If you made a mistake during setup, then Metabase might cache in-memory for some hours, so restart Metabase.

I'm sorry but i made a mistake in writing the thread. the #metabase_files is propperly set up (with the _). Images are arriving there and I can see them. As I described in the post, tables are bein correctly rendered while graphics are not, but neither show up on the notifications.

Thank you.

@lucascorniani Okay, check the logs for more detailed error - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

Ok, so i tried it again and the logs shows this error three times (each corresponding to one of the three graphics that resulted in "An error ocurred while displaying this card" images). Wierdly, none of them had any negative results.

RangeError: invalid value -1.000000 found where only values between 0 and 20 are allowed

But for the table image, that was corrrectly rendered bud doesn't show up in the push message, there isn't any error message.

This leads me to conclude that the error is connected to the "An error ocurred while displaying this card" images but not with the fact that any of them appeared on the message.

Thank You

@lucascorniani So when debugging, then you should simplify everything.
Create a single dashboard with just one table. Then create another dashboard just with a single visualization.

Try creating the questions with the Sample Dataset, or static SQL, so it's possible to show how to reproduce the problem.

And post the full stacktrace, so it's easier to understand where the error is.

I'm sure that the error you're seeing is An error occurred while displaying this card (slightly different spelling than what you're using, but important, since you'll otherwise not be able to find similar problems).